Life Viva Wellness Pvt Ltd

We are a fast growing networking marketing company which offer 135+ quality and value for money products in the field of health care, home care, personal care, accessories and wellness. We operate through a streamlined procedure. Our associates are entitled to monetary benefits by selling our products and sponsoring new customers in the distribution network. We also provide training, personality development & leadership education and business support materials through Life Viva Wellness OPPORTUNITY. Our motto is to provide healthy, wealthy and happy lifestyle to the people associated with us. We also provide our associates an opportunity to travel India and Abroad and help them to make their dreams come true. Join us to bring happiness in your life and create it for others too. GROW WITH GLORY.

Life Viva Wellness Pvt Ltd is a global health Products consulting and leading authority that provides leading edge management consulting services and deep health awareness expertise with environmental advice in major areas :- Health Care, Personal Care, Skin Care and Diseases also.

Life Viva Wellness team at experts ruing a proven and Successful interdisciplinary approach to each assignment providing services in many different segment and fats at the health business including health system design strategic planning completing bidding, direct access planning public policy analysis..

Life Viva Wellness has a long and well established reputation in deployment and implementation of advanced methodologies and models software and system to support the new health market structures.